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8th Session Complete

I completed my eighth Neurofeedback session last night, and I can't even begin to tell you how my motivation has soared since the start of this journey. After five sessions I was already cleaning out my kitchen cabinets, and by seven I wanted to clean every single hard-to-reach light fixture in my home!

My sleep has involved dramatically as well, honestly probably by the third session. I own an Oura ring activity tracker. And truth be told, I used to take an Ambien almost every night to help get me to sleep, and to stay asleep. But I haven't needed a sleeping pill in several weeks now! And... my deep sleep has improved as well, as it was always the one category of sleep, even with the Ambien, that seemed to lag behind. Here is last night's view...

If you have any interest in purchasing an Oura ring, contact me at for $50 off their newest Gen3 Heritage models.