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Training Tools

Neurofeedback isn't a 'quick fix' or a new fad. It's been around since the 1960's, is FDA approved, and supported by mounting research.
NeurOptimal® is an amazing tool, but like all tools, a portion of recognizing their benefits is to note our daily experiences, interactions and improvements over time. And since every individual responds to brain training differently, it's important to track changes on a consistent basis.
Often life can be stressful and quick-paced, making it difficult to step back and see our mental, emotional, and physical growth. These tracking checklists are a great place to start, but we certainly encouraged you to use any method that feels fitting for you! We also offer a few mood journals in our shop you may find helpful!

Regardless of which method you decide to use, we can't stress enough the use of tracking consistently, and to continue tracking for weeks to months after sessions.

This checklist of 100 items is a great place to start determining how Neurofeedback can benefit you and your family. Update this list weekly during, and following, your training sessions. Remember, many benefits from brain training take weeks to months to become apparent after sessions as our brains need time to learn and integrate. 

This tracker is a more detailed look at specific Neurofeedback benefits you may notice over the course of your sessions, and beyond. Pick up to five specific items you're currently struggling with and update this tracker weekly.

A checklist specifically for golfers. 

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