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More updates on Miss Nora!

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

Little Miss Nora completed her 12th NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback session this past weekend and I'm so thrilled with her progress! I continue to see small changes, but they are adding up to big results for our family. And Nora is now to the point where she is asking to do more brain training!

Nora and Nadia both take quite a few supplements and prescription medications for their immune issues. And neither have yet learned to swallow pills. So you can only imagine how taking up to 40 supplements a day (depending on the month) has been going for the past two plus years since we began aggressively treating their PANS, Lyme, co-infections, and other issues. I basically have to open capsules and somehow find a way to disguise the taste, without adding a ton of sugar, as we've been working so hard on cleaning up diets as well. Most evenings before bed I chase the girls around the house, begging them to take their medicine. Eric can usually think of a new game to incorporate... but getting a child to chug down a significant amount of yucking tasting goo isn't easy. Well, guess what? The past two nights Nora has taken her medicine without me even having to mention it's ready for her! Yep! She saw it on the counter, took it all, and then... there's more, went and brushed her teeth all on her own! Bedtime has been so easier with her. No struggles!

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