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IonizeMe Foot Baths

I've added another service to my list of goodies!! And trust me, I'm not just adding random services. I'm completely, 100% committed to only adding really useful, clinically proven items.

So... I've been looking at ionizing foot baths for quite sometime... There are a million brands out there, but only a few that actually test their products. Plus, this one is made in the US with really great customer service and a wealth of help and information should I ever need it. I decided on the IonizeMe Maxx. So far I've used it twice and got similar results both times in regards to how I 'felt' after the treatment. I feel like there is a ton of confusion about what is supposed to happen and what these foot baths are really able to do, and not do... So first, before you go further, maybe stop and read the information at this link. It's an outside link, a physician who uses these products in her own clinic, but I find the information well explained, so check it out...

Okay, so something I wanted to point out again... The water gets really super nasty over the course of the foot bath. This is normal. And this is not the toxins coming out of your body. It's just a reaction of the ionizing and salt with the minerals that are in the water you're using for the foot bath. I think a lot of people thinks its the toxins coming out of your body, but it's not. Both of my baths, each about 30 minutes, have ended with super brownish blackish water, really gross. Both times I've used the bath I pretreated myself with cilantro, which is known to help the body detox. This is not necessary and not something I use in clinic, I just do this myself at home. If you want to know more about this though, I'm happy to share more details.

So results regarding how I felt after... The day of, nothing, other than soft feet! But the following day, EXHAUSTED. Seriously, maybe plan ahead for this. And it makes sense, as we are asking the body to use it's own detox methods, the liver, lymphatic system, etc., to flush toxins out of the body. Research has shown that starting at about 48 hours after a ionizing foot bath you will start to flush toxins out through urine and sweat. I do have some data on studies showing the high amounts of specifically aluminum expelled from the body, I need to find those links and I'll post them separately.

Of course, if you have specific questions, please reach out to me at

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