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Discover the science behind Neurofeedback
and learn how training your brain can benefit you and your family

Do you or does someone you love suffer from poor sleep or lack of motivation? 
Do you wish you could improve your mental clarity and focus? 
Do you long for calm moments or stronger feelings of confidence? 
Could you benefit from an enhanced learning capacity? 
Do you struggle to relax or find it difficult to manage your stress levels? 

What if I told you I could improve you or your child’s instruction following, concentration, problem-solving, multitasking, pattern recognition, hand-eye coordination,
and so much more?

This is not a new fad. 
Neurofeedback is a tool that has been used in schools, mental health facilities
and by general health care professionals since the 1970’s. 
It’s safe, FDA approved, and supported by research. 

Neurofeedback Benefits

Mood   •   Motivation   •   Adaptability

Academic Achievement   •   Learning Capacity   •   Memory   •   Creativity

Instruction Following   •   Decision Making

  Problem Solving   •   Pattern-Recognition   •   Hand-Eye Coordination

Relaxation   •   Sleep   •   Stress Management

Concentration   •   Attention   •   Focus   •   Mental Clarity

     Self-esteem   •   Confidence   •   Athletic Performance     

So much more!

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What NeurOptimal Clients are saying...

“My daughter struggles with ADD. We’ve tried changing her diet, creating schedules and even those dreaded medicines. She was not herself on medication and she hated it, finally refusing to take them. A friend told me about neurofeedback. Towards the end of last school year she started sessions. She took the summer off and we started back up a week before school started. After about seven sessions, on our way to her appointment, she told me that she thinks it’s working. She had a beginning of the year diagnostic test that day and was able to sit and complete the whole thing. That was a big deal for her. Normally she would get distracted, lose focus and run out of time.”

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